Saturday, 10 May 2008

Attack of the Munchies

Skin Two magazine (a BDSM focused mag) reports in their Spring issue on 'munches', asking if they are 'just a gathering of geeks with no life - or a really constructive addition to the BDSM scene?'. The feature draws upon three different points of view, from Jennifer Upton, Goldie Stott and Eugene Satyrisci.
Munches, beyond the Ecstasy context, is not a term I was familiar with but this site brilliantly explains it. Essentially they offer an informal opportunity for people to meet outside the BDSM "scene".

In a sense I'm stunned this doesn't seem to have had much academic coverage but on the other hand these activities like so many sexual areas that are still a little sensitive rarely get a look in by academics. Yet, feminists such as Pat Califia and other academics such as Jeffrey Weeks have noted that sexual sub cultures that find it difficult to meet and form networks have often been left on the margins of legal and political reform. This social shift therefore represents a development of potentially massive long term implications. Take the current proposals on violent porn. The BDSM 'community' is massive representing a spectrum from the couple who use handcuffs to "spice up" their sex life through to 24/7 slaves/masters yet these has never been a political coalition challenging legal reform in the same way that say Stonewall has. This is therefore a phenomena well worth watching.

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