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Erotic Awards 2011

Hurrah, a full list of winners has now been published and will, I'm led to understand, be shortly published on the Erotic Awards website too. One winner, Josh Brandon, you already know about from this earlier post, but the full list is published below. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

As a reminder, the goal of the Awards is stated by the organisation in the following terms:

'Every year, since 1994, we herald the most talented, and influential sex-positive pioneers.
Together, we create a sensational show and exhibition of their work and honour our winners with a Golden Flying Penis Trophy.' The awards raises funds for Outsiders, a charity which helps disabled people gain confidence and find partners.

Descriptions/links all written/provided by Erotic Awards.

Xue Wang (China) Winner

Born in northern China, Xue Wang came to London, aged 22, to complete an MA in fashion at the University Of Westminster. But, as she says, “the self-reflective intimacy of art, which has always been latent in me, forced my transition from fashion to painting.” Combining the iconography of childhood with the cultural heritage of Victoriana, vintage fashion, classic films and pin-ups, she places cartoon-like girls in risqué settings to create pop surrealist images possessing both eroticism and a hint of menace.

John Constable (UK) Winner

During the 16th century countless prostitutes were buried in the unhallowed ground of Cross Bones, an ancient burial site near Borough High Street, SE1. Since the mid-1990s, London poet John Constable has fought to have their last resting place recognised as a heritage site and to establish a garden of rememberance. His cycle of poems and plays, the Southwark Mysteries, which pays homage to the 'Winchester Geese', who plyed their trade in the stews of the South Bank, has been performed in settings as diverse as Shakespeare's Globe and Southwark Cathedral.


Presented by the Erotic Film Society in recognition of a significant contribution to the appreciation of the art and history of erotic cinema made during the past year.

Score: Uncensored Version (USA) Winner
Starring Claire Wilbur, Calvin Culver, Lynn Lowry, Gerald Grant, Carl Parker. Director Radley Metzger. Distributor Cult Epics
Radley Metzger is one of the finest film-makers ever to work in erotic cinema and Score (1974) is his comic masterpiece of polysexual seduction, by turns hilarious and horny. Previously only available on DVD in a cut version, this new, high-definition transfer (DVD and Blu-Ray) by Cult Epics restores the imagery which includes graphic gay action and group sex. Plus there is extensive 'on location' footage, an interview with star Lynn Lowry and – for the first time ever – a commentary track by Radley Metzger himself.

Engineers of Desire (UK) Winner

Cassie Carpenter's truly personalised service promises to turn your unique fashion fantasies into reality. Her corsets are not just distinctive; they are also ecologically sound, making use of recycled leather and rubber. Unusual colours and styles are customised with beautiful feathers or leather wings, etched aluminium panels for body armour, and silver jewellery. Should you wish to take your look to extremes, Engineers of Desire even offer matching vehicle makeovers!

Till Sex Do Us Part (Spain) Winner

Starring: Lesly Kiss, Manuel Falcon, Dunia Montenegro, David Galant
Director Roberto Valtueña, Distributor Thagson Deluxe
No formulaic porno clichés here, this is a fresh and funny tale of an adult model with an unpredictable, interesting sex life. Manipulative Helen has a regular partner who is loyal but dull. She's also attracted to a moody conceptual artist... but to entice him she must first corrupt his innocent girlfriend. Wittily written and imaginatively directed, with performers who really can act, it's as well made as many mainstream, art-house movies but with sex scenes as scorching as the Spanish sun.

Handisex (Denmark) Winner

This Copenhagen-based service offers practical help for disabled people who can’t masturbate due to their impairment. The client selects a sex toy, the helper attaches it and the client is left alone to enjoy themself. The helper only re-enters the room when called to remove the toy. Handisex also provides opportunities for disabled people to talk about their sexuality and to attend lectures, which are open to carers and families as well as people with disabilities. "Our goal is to make eroticism acceptable, approachable and loveable for everyone!"

Lifetime Achievement
Dian Hanson (USA) Winner

Aged 24 and stuck in a dead-end town studying medicine, Dian Hanson made a momentous decision: to devote her life to fun. She has never looked back.
Moving to New York, she helped launch the glossy adult magazine Puritan. This was the golden age of men's publications and Dian worked on many of the most successful, including Oui, Adult Cinema Review, Juggs, Tight and many, many more.
But even more significant than the titles in this illustrious list was the one which may be considered her crowning achievement, Leg Show, which she edited from 1987 until 2001.
Through Leg Show, she discovered a sub-culture of fetishists whose needs, until then, had been largely ignored. Studying the intricacies of their tastes and translating them into words and photos was a challenge that totally stimulated and engrossed her.
Following the death of her boss, Dian decided to join Taschen, the highly respected German publishing house. She knew Benedikt Taschen to be a fearless publisher of sexual imagery who truly respected his customers – something of a rarity in her experience.
Her role as Sexy Book Editor offers her the pleasure of showing the world that good pornography is the equal to good art. And she's still having fun.


Next year, the 'Renaissance Man' of porn celebrates four decades working at almost every level in what he refers to as the 'Playpen of the Damned'.

"We are damned not on religious grounds but for sociological reasons by a hypocritical society," he explains.

He's been an actor in over 160 hard-core films; a scriptwriter and director; an agent and critic; an activist, a fund raiser, a welfare counsellor... and the voice of conscience in an industry commonly thought to lack one.

He has been a tireless campaigner for free speech, notably telling the anti-porn Meese Commission, in October 1985: "In a society that is drug-infested, violence-wracked and polluted by chemical one has ever died from an overdose of Pornography.”

As a journalist, he was influential in creating the X-Rated Critics Organisation (XRCO). And, in response to the industry's growing disdain for consumers, he founded Fans Of X-Rated Entertainment (FOXE) which, from 1990 to 2006, gave devoted members of the public a chance to mingle with their favourite stars.

But his crowning achievement is Protecting Adult Welfare – the PAW Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation which provides advice, awareness training, peer counselling and a support network for anyone and everyone involved in the adult industry.

Bill continues to preach the gospel of X at every opportunity, acting as guardian of the industry's history and campaigning for '21 in 2012', a voluntary agreement by US producers not to use performers below that age.

Outsiders Award
Ian Hudson (UK) Winner

Ian is an artist who regularly attends the Night of the Senses. At the 2008 Ball, he approached Tuppy to say that one of her sites, TLC was not working properly, adding: “If I may, perhaps, offer my assistance...?” Since that time, Ian has been beavering away, first on the TLC web pages and then on the Outsiders site, making them not just technically perfect but gorgeous to look at. The new Outsiders site was launched in April 2011.

Ophelia Bitz (UK) Winner as Comedian of the Year

Sharing stages and screens with Derren Brown, Tim Burton, The Tiger Lillies, Paul Zennon, The Puppini Sisters and popstar Mika, with her own brand of outrageous sexy comedy, Ophelia is the ultimate all-round entertainer. She is the sharpest razor-tongued wit in London, a vocalist, ring-mistress, compere and performance artist with a reputation for stealing hearts, drinks, and anything else not nailed to the table. Hang on to your hats!

Boykitten (UK) Winner as Fetish Performer of the Year
A beautiful, 22-year-old FtM transsexual who enjoys his femininity and expresses himself through auto-suspension. Knowing about his painful arthritic condition increases the impressiveness of his act, leaving people spellbound and on the edge of their chairs, captivated by his androgenous body and sense of purpose.

Drew Passion (UK) Winner as Male Striptease Artist
A classic male striptease artist with a great body, sweet sense of humour and a heart of gold. Perhaps it's his face that wins the girls over: impish, street-wise, dashing. Drew's stage presence is perhaps the most laid-back ever witnessed, bringing girls up from the audience and spontaneously allowing the audience into his secret thoughts.

Equador (UK) Winner as Male Performance Artist
This talented magician is changing the face of male striptease of male striptease by presenting a masculine allure that is both whimsical, comical and dramatic, as well as generous, sensuous and not at all cockcentric.

Mistress Euzebia (Poland) Winner as Female Striptease Artist
She's a crazy tom-boy hardcore striptease artist and an international wrestler. Wildly alternative, she manages to be both vulgar and elegant at the same time. Her show is unpredictable, yet polished.

Rooh Star (UK) Winner as Singer of the Year
Rooh uses her rich soulful earthy voice to sing a joyful celebration of holiest of holes. The Holy Hole is Rooh's song, in praise of vaginas and reclaiming of the word cunt. With her song, comes with two gorgeous dancing girls, Katie Sarr and Sarah Robinson, graphically acting out the words. Rooh is a heartfelt, funny, quirky and engaging carrier of songs from deep inside the feminine psyche.

Sabrina Sweepstakes (Canada) Winner as Female Performance Artists
This highly competent performer possesses a perfect figure, zany amusing talent, contortion and ballet skills and an ambition to create much more than striptease. She's the talk of the London Cabaret circuit, appearing at The Box, where audiences find her delightful and unforgettable.

Gregory Brown (UK) Winner

Gregory graduated in graphic design and worked for many years in commercial media but now specialises in photography, especially artistic and fine art nudes, fashion and fetish genres. Widely published on both sides of the Atlantic, his work has taken him through Europe, the Americas and the Far East, creating limited edition prints and taking on commissions for international clients. Gregory began life as a saxophone player, playing with the Temptations, Big Sound Authority and Paul Weller, among others.

Luca Darkholme (France/UK) Winner

A male sex worker who co-founded the London Sex Worker Open University. It began as a week of events by and for sex workers and allies to explore the richness and contradictions of their industry. Academics, sex workers, activists, feminists, psychologists from London, Denmark, New Zealand, U.S debated and networked. They even aimed to understand the abolitionist feminist argument. The Sex worker Open University brought many new sex workers to the world of activism and community, building internationally.

Sex Worker Female
Lara Latex (UK) Winner

Lara is a busy, funny, multi-tasking woman who works as an escort, model and film-maker and porn star. She is tall, leggy, fully tri-sexual, and possesses a passion for sexual deviance. She offers OWO, GFE and the ultimate PSE (Porn Star Experience) and absolutely loves watching clients leave with a smile on their face. Lara says, “My dreams are to legalise safe working environments for escorts; stop sex trafficking and enforced marriages; and campaign for these things because the freedoms I enjoy through my jobs, I am fully aware that others see as the chains that bind them.”

Sex Worker Male
Josh Brandon (UK) Winner

From the start, Josh, just up to London from Wales, decided that if he was going to have sex for money, he had to do so as a properly run career. Since then, his confidence has grown from all the compliments he's been given and from the realisation that his clients are increasing in confidence themselves from their experience. As well as running he is currently writing an escort guide. Josh revealed, “One client in the US told me how his family life is better, he felt more at ease in himself with his kids and his wife. As strange as it was to me, this was the nicest reward of all.”

Story Teller
Madeline Moore (Canada) Winner

Madeline is an experienced and widely published erotic short story teller who began her career when a writing tutor told her 'You write great sex without metaphor, which isn't easy to do.' The publication of her first short pieces led to a commission from Black Lace for a novel. Her story 'Get Up Stand Up' appears in the recent publication and e-book, The Cougar Book. Believable, moving, intelligent, unpretentious, unpredictable, highly erotic and original, it says lots about life, love and lust and is a joy to read.

FetLife (Canada) Winner

An exceptionally friendly (not bitchy!), welcoming, easy-to-use website which is free to join. They call themselves a small community of 750,000+ kinksters around the world. Each new member is welcomed in person and there's a wide range of choices and things to do on the site, including a group for disabled people and those who like disabled people, and even car-share to events! It's great for meeting people locally and learning more about yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Kate Bornstein (US) Winner

Legendary transgender activist, author, playwright and performance artist, Kate Bornstein is best known for her ground-breaking books on postmodern gender theory, including Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us and My Gender Workbook. Her most recent work, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, written with S. Bear Bergman, brings together personal stories and comic drawings to reveal a whole spectrum of possible gender identities. "Shifts in subculture move in waves through the meta-culture," she says.

Volunteer of the Year
Martin Disney Winner

Our production manager who took on a huge challenge with producing the Night of the Senses in the blank canvas, and we hope he's still standing to pick up his Golden Flying Penis Trophy on the night.

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