Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Occupy My Throat...

I've noticed in recent weeks that my twitter followers divide between those who wholly support the occupy movement and those who want the grubby layabouts swept aside.  There does seem truth in the presence of a significant affluent liberal minority (i.e rich people spending all day moaning about how terrible it is to be rich) which does rather spoil things.  All of which harks back to Nixonian cries of "damn Hippies" but I digress.  How, I hear you wonder can I link this mass protest movement with the subject of law and sexuality?  Well, there have been major clashes with the police seeking to remove them - principally it seems because they are redefining space - whether that be in Oakland California, Wall Street, New York or St Paul's London.  In much the same way as the queer space of the ghetto or the cruising and dogging site can raise questions as to the way space is regulated and controlled, so too does this movement.  The ownership and purpose of space is at the heart of this movement - is it for the 'masses', or corporate aims, can the two be divorced and so on.

It was with particular interest that a new stone was thrown into this petrifying pool of politics.  It emerged last week that the US porn company DirtyBoyVideo had used the whole plot line of the occupy movement as a backdrop for a quick porn flick film din one of the Occupy Oakland tents (if only the Daily Mail had caught that on camera).  Rumours are unconfirmed about a cheeky little video of a Saif al-Islam and an LSE PhD supervisor.  

So, we can see some of the (safe) images below but I do find it interesting that here we have a space that is re-defined, re-owned, and then another group re-own the space, layering with additional sexual purpose.  The video is called 'Occupy My Throat'.  Well, quite.

You can read a little more on LeFag here but NakedSword added another brilliant angle to this story (some NSFW images at the side of the linked page), when they reported that the company sent out an open appeal to Brandon Watts -whose bloodied face at the Occupy Wall Street protests became a key image.  Here's the letter they sent:

Dear Mr. Watts, We are vocal supporters of Occupy Wall Street and the statement it makes. Your energy, commitment and drive have directly contributed to the success of the Occupation movement. As I watched the police drag you away in handcuffs, your face covered in blood, I could only think, “Wow, he’s hot!” Later, I learned you were among the first to pitch a tent in Zuccotti Park, making the movement a literal occupation. The NY Daily News reports you even lost your virginity in that park. Congratulations! Dirty Boy Video has long encouraged young men like yourself to pitch tents in parks. I offer you the opportunity to perform on our website, an opportunity to express yourself and your politics freely and without censor. Working together we can create a sexy, fun platform that inspires you, be that with other actors, actresses or both. Whether you choose to work with us or not, I salute your dedication and your courage. 
Andy Fair President

Nope, you couldn't make it up, and here's the bloody Brandon Watts...

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Elly said...

I thought it was funny how the pornographers were emulating the 'look' of the protestors - skinny white boy hippy chic- for their film.

In a way it would have been more shocking if they had have wheeled on a couple of typical porno actors- buff, shiny, big tits, big dicks- and placed them amongst the crowds. And harder to get away with I expect.

Makes me realise some of the class issues going on in this negotiation of 'space'. As there has always been in queer politics too.


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