Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Australian Sex Party Launches Election Campaign

New Australian Labor Party leader, Julia Gillard seemed to learn from the mistakes of Gordon Brown in first of all booting Rudd out of power and then rapidly calling a General election. The election also means it's an opportunity for Australia's Sex Party (ASP) to shine. Today saw the aprty launch their campaign. Melbourne Community Voice reports that the ASP is lobbying for a revised national classification scheme for adult material, national sex education in schools and equal rights for GLBTIQ Australians.

All sensible stuff - and although small - they are only fielding two candidates, they are important in addressing the sex agenda.

They have a great website but I wish they'd set up a gift shop to further share their great slogans on mugs/t-shirts etc. Pictured right/above, you can see a fantastic sticker slogan which forms part of a campaign to print, and stick them on your luggage (following new laws on importing porn to Australia). I wish them every success in the coming campaign.

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