Saturday, 2 April 2011

Willetts and the Trouble with Nuance

My Twitter Feed and Facebook became rapidly filled with much grumpiness about David Willetts yesterday but it took until today for me to realise what vexed so many of my feminist friends. Read the full story about his remarks here, which were interpreted as saying that feminism was to blame for the lack of social mobility.

The excellent Heresy Corner blog explores the story, noting that 'Naturally, his argument is somewhat more subtle than that. But nuance means nothing when an opportunity to kick a Tory, especially one burdened by a longstanding imputation of intelligence, presents itself.'

Wise words. He then makes a reference to Keith Jospeh which I suspect few under the age of 40 will get, but the post is very much in line with my initial thinking about this story. Read the full post here.

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