Sunday, 30 September 2007

Army Chief brands homosexuality "immoral"

Interesting story from the USA this week that had the potential (and doesn't seem to so far) of re-igniting the gays int he military debate. The current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (head army honcho in lay language) told Congress:

"My upbringing tells me that sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman is immoral. That's what I was taught. That's what I believe."

General Peter Pace is due to stand down this week which probably explains the reason for his candour. He did accept that homosexuals could serve in the armed forces provided they were celibate. A career in the Church of England beckons...

Unsurprisingly he was widely condemned by a wide range of people including Sgt. Eric Alva, the first soldier wounded in the Iraq war, who recently came out. What is different is that his comments were also criticized by the REPUBLICAN Defence Secretary Robert Gates. Not sure former secretary Rumsfeld would have done the same! This is an issue that could come back into the political arena though. Given the series of early party debates taking place it wouldn't be surprising to see candidates asked a question regarding this matter. There answers could prove interesting.

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