Sunday, 6 November 2011

Military Hunks

Another fascinating photography page that has emerged o the web in the last week, and caused a bit of a  stir is 'Military Hunks'.  It's a Tumblr blog run by a chap who describes his blog in the following terms:

'Pics from Iraq, Private Collections of My own and Friends, My time in the Navy and as a Civilian Contractor for the DoD. Thank God for Gay & Gay Friendly Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors! We Rock!'

The blog features various nude 'military hunks' (clue in the title) and that's probably enough for most people to get clicking away.  The ever-excellent Sword blog (NSFW) notes that the mere posting of these images reflects the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell (although none of the photographs indicate homosexuality - although I'm not sure an image can denote that, beyond an act), but given names are used, The Sword speculates whether this could still land the guys in the photos in a  spot of bother.  I'm really not sure why but we strangely seem to be shocked as a society when confronted that people we thought had penises, are confirmed as being in possession of the sizable asset in question.

Anyhow, beyond the frivolous titillating photographs that will no doubt brighten many readers Sunday the photographs do document in a fascinating and compelling way life in Iraq and the complexities that can mean.  Naked, sexualised images in these spaces are a reminder of the humanistic set against the humanistic, and law - whether it be the permission to kill that war grants, or the morality that is imposed pom those who do the killing is ripped open and displayed through these images.

The Lawyer blogger, David Allen Green may be once more impressed at my ability to connect law and sexuality once again (see his comments on The Lawyer last week) but given my fundamental view that law shapes, reflects and re-makes society, it isn't all that surprising to me :-)

I've posted just a handful of the (safe!) captivating images.  The full picture collection can be viewed (including the full nudes) here.  I strongly recommend this wonderful collection.  I hope someone has the vision to turn it into a book!

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Elly said...

I don't think this is to do with DADT I think it is to do with metrosexuality - again.

Men just can't help but show off their bodies for their own pleasure these days.

That's what tumblr is for!

Mark Simpson's work does identify the 'homosexual' impulses within metrosexuality, but mainly because of the 'narcissism' involved in both.

Elly said...

My take on the metro-hunks:

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