Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Hell's Kitchen - That Jim Davidson Quote

Well I write this during Hell's Kitchen. I've finally given in to watching an episode. My motivation? The story on the BBC and other news sites that comedian Jim Davidson was asked to leave (and went) after referring to "shirt lifters", reducing fellow contestant, Brian Dowling to tears. Now I saw the quote and he said "why do short lifters pull the same face?". I didn't think the comment was homophobic in context. He was actually making a fair point. Even within the gay community there is an ongoing discussion around people who fall into particular stereotypes particularly the current trend for the slim, camp, very styled individuals. So he didn't express it in terminology that a young 20 something might use today. So? That doesn't make him homophobic. It was absurd that Brian Dowling was sobbing at such a trivial remark. I would say "get over it" but he might cry again.

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