Thursday, 4 October 2007

Firemen on Cruising Patrol

Sometimes you read a story and have to check if it's April 1. This story on Pink News: is a good example. Firefighters have been disciplined down in Bristol after disturbing a number of gay men who were out cruising. They did so by shining a light at the cruisers. Follow the link for the full story.

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Donna said...

This really got my blood boiling when i read it! I cant believe how PC seems to have taken over everything these days. So what if they were disturbed - they shouldnt have been doing it in public in the first place!!! I think its a disgrace that the firemen were diciplined (fined/ demoted) over something so trivial. Some people need to get a backbone and deal with the consequences of their actions. They were doing an act which was open for anyone to catch them at, but when someone does they throw a hissy fit - grrrr!! Rant over...

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