Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Gay Todd Returns to Corrie

Corrieblog reports the return of the gay character Todd Grimshaw to ITV Soap Coronation Street: The character is played by the straight actor Bruno Langley. Does it matter though? Do we need gay characters to be played by gay actors? Well no but having a few high profile gay actors who are seen on television screen several times a week should be welcomed. Both of the other two gay characters in Corrie are played by gay actors.

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Sean Hennelly said...

There are already a lot of very high profile gay actors- look at Sir Ian McKellen for example. I would argue that gay actors shouldn't be either welcomed or unwelcomed as an 'entity' as now it is no longer seen as something uncommon, and to alienise homosexuality as a concept by actively welcoming more gay actors effectively distinguishes between homosexuality and 'being straight' more, where as I would argue that they're things which should be able to be spoken about in the same breath.

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