Tuesday, 9 October 2007

How did the T get in LGBT?

Interesting story on the US site Salon. The story explores the idea of LGBT and asks how the T got in there. The article also explores the ongoing US debate surrounding the Employment Non-Discrimination Act:

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Lena Dahlstrom said...

The problem is Aravosis is factually wrong. There's a long-history of trans involvement in the LGB community that Aravosis whitewashes over. Involvement even in the face of (up until rcently) leading LG groups repeatedly purging trans people (and butches, and nellies, etc.) in the name of respectability.

If trans people have been absent, it's because folks like Aravosis slammed the door in our faces.

Law & Sexuality said...

Massive thanks for your post Lena. The links will be a great help to our students. I've noticed on responses to academic lists that yours is a widely held view and a view that I saw 'in action' as an activist in the UK 7/8 years ago. Then, there was a big debate in the LGB student community as to whether they should be re-named LGBT. The T-Community that was able to give a view was in favour - the controversy came from the LGB community.

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