Friday, 25 January 2008

Westboro Baptist Church and Heath Ledger

In the aftermath of the death of actor heath Ledger, the Westboro Baptist Church wasted no time in announcing that it would be protesting outside his funeral. The group featured in a high profile Louis Theroux documentary a couple of years ago - 'The Most Hated Family in History'. The Westboro press release can be viewed at:

Because edger appeared in Brokeback Mountain he has will apparently be burning in hell. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a family of cranks who preach hate but UK proposals on inciting hatred because of someones sexual orientation would make similar action in the UK illegal. Whilst I find the group offensive I am uneasy about banning forms of speech and expression because we find it offensive. Particularly when it is the state that judges what is offensive.

You can view the Louis Theroux documentary in full at:

Let them protest, but let them be marginalised and drowned out by the fans.

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Sean Hennelly said...

Wanna see something absolutely awful?

By the way the first link didn't work...

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