Saturday, 9 February 2008

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill

Pink News is reporting that Stonewall is gearing up for a Commons battle on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Specifically the provisions that would enable same sex partners to register as the 'parents' of the child. It seems to me that both sides could be accomodated in a much more radical proposal - one which I am sure the present day Stonewall would reject. Why not completely re-constitute the registration document? Why not seek to move away from traditional legal conceptions of parent whislt maintaining the recognition of biological orgins? Both with this and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill (which criminalises inciting homophobic hate) Stonewall seems to be on the wrong side of the debate. Once upon a time, a gay rights organisation such as Stonewall would have spoken up for freedom of expression and would have offered a radical vision for families and how we lead our lives. It saddens me that there is such an apparent lack of imagination and lack of thought in Stonewall today.

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