Monday, 10 March 2008

Canadian "ex-gay" Adverts

Pink News is reporting that a Canadian "ex-gay" advert that promotes the idea homosexuality can be "cured" and that you can go on to live a happy care free hetero lifestyle has been forced off the air. According to Pink News 'LGBT activists in Canada launched an online campaign for the removal of the advert, utilising social networking sites such as myspace and Facebook.' It is striking that firstly, a TV station will take notice of such a campaign and secondly (and perhaps for academics of greater significance) LGBT activism has now taken to the net and it has proven effective.

Read the full story at:

I've also embedded the video below. The video is produced by 'Life Productions' which is a religious campaign organisation website. On the front page is a 'good test'. The bad news is that I fail every task and according to the site, short of making god "corrupt" (their word) I'm on an express service to hell. In another part of the site it asks 'Are you a homosexual? Do you know someone who is?'. Click here for the page. For some bizarre reason the intro to the A-team is stuck in my head -maybe you can hire "Life Productions"? Maybe it's the new Mr T advert that is played constantly on Galaxy Radio or maybe I'm just tired. Anyway, I have also posted the A-team theme. Enjoy the videos:

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