Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New Sex Education Law?

Interesting story in the April issue of Gay Times (GT). Labour MP Chris Bryant (who is apparently appearing in a feature tonight on More4 News about Gaydar) argues for a new law requiring all pupils in England and Wales to undergo sex education. You can view the article at:

It's view I have increasing sympathy with -we require all pupils to undergo PE (oh the misery), English, Science, History etc but not sex education (Which is offered in varying ways) and also RE. I always thought it ironic that every Religious Education (RE) lesson would mean all the Asian pupils would leave and we sat their learning about Islam. Similarly, it seems perverse that the very people who really need sex education are likely to be denied permission to sit in those sessions by pupils. I hate the idea of saying "your child must learn this" but I can't see a way round it.

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Matt said...

I think children should be taught sex education. With the alarming rate of teenage pregnancies and pupil's hormones flying all over the place, they dont consider the danger in which sex itself poses. Anything from how to put on a condom properly to more complex issues would benefit pupils. The bigger picture will lie on whether it will stop or reduce teenage pregnancies. This will not happen overnight, but would certainly make some degree of impact if introduced.

miranda said...

we were only taught about sex education in heterosexual format and even that was basic due to the embarressment felt by teachers. i think it should be taught to pupils at a younger age and not just include the watching of videos or teaching of facts. it should be structured around 21st century society and childrens needs now.

Matt said...

I think teachers should not be embarassed about showing videos. After all, it is only human nature, and society-wise, teachers take over the 'guardian/parental' role when the children are at school. Rather than blaming parents on teenage pregnancies, teachers should do more than they are doing today.

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