Friday, 4 April 2008

Federal Defense of Gay Rights?

Hillary Clinton may have been under fire for her remarks concerning her, well not actually being under fire in Bosnia several years ago but in true Clinton style she's pulled another policy out of the fire in a bid to move the story on. In an interview with Philadelphia Gay News (surely not a State about to have primary??!) Clinton said that 'as president she would defend gay rights and eliminate disparities for same-sex couples in federal law, including immigration and tax policy'. She also promised to repeal the policy of 'don't ask, don't tell' (introduced by her husband). As much as I can't stand this woman and like I suspect many in Europe, hope for a Obama candidacy his refusal to give an interview to this publication seems a mistake. He also needs to now come out with some very clear statements on LGBT issues. Of course, he does have the advantage that Clinton now has a huge question mark over everything she says - does she really mean it? Would she say anything to be President?

Yes I do love the terrorist under a tank scene. lol.

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