Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Naked Swim Protest

For some inexplicable reason I felt the need to have a look at the Manchester Evening News tonight (the local paper for Manchester). On their webpage was a story concerning Levenshulme (an inner suburb in Manchester) and their public swimming baths. They report that over the past nine months the pool has been hired out on a Thursday evening for private naturist group Naked Swim. The group is for gay men and they use a private pool at the baths and make use of the sauna (again only they have access).

Local mothers have now found out about the group (despite them using it since last summer) and are concerned that their children are having swimming lessons in a pool that adults are naked (albeit at a completely different time). The parents claim their concerns are around hygiene but the pool management have dismissed that. You can read the story here.

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Anonymous said...

Like so many of the people who have left comments on the MEN website, I am horrified by the ignorance shown by the complainers. I am also greatly saddened by the MEN for printing accusations of impropriety and poor hygiene. People will say that there is no smoke without fire and surely now, this group will struggle to continue to meet. It is obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that there are no such issues here - yet what the press have done here is tantamout to inciting homophobia. It reminds me of the hysteria generated a few years back when a paediatrician was attacked because the angry mob were unable to differentiate the word from paedophile.

Anonymous said...

I've spoken to loads of local people about this. I've yet to find ANYONE who agrees with the complainants.

I've been told by staff at the Baths that the mother who complained is a very active member of the local Baptist Church, which may lead some to suspect that she's attempting to whip up a moral outrage for her own reglio-ideological purposes...

Of course, the other tragedy of this story is that it's distracted attention from the real story of Levenshulme Baths which is that the roof is falling in, and the infrastructure of the Baths has been systematically underfunded by the Council and SERCO (everyone's favourite private prison company who run the services).

From my experience I think I can say that the Naked Swim group have the overwhelming support of the local community, bigots notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

This is not about "naturism", this is not about "hygiene", its about homosexuals who find other naked men exciting being given their own evening in a public pool paid for with council rates.

Its well known what happens in private homosexual saunas, and giving homosexuals an evening in a public funded venue is, I think, something people are entitled to protest about.

These are not naked boys frolicking and swimming like the ancient Greeks did, these are homosexual men seeking a little excitement with other men.

And come to think of it, there probably are hygiene issues considering the biological facts of what homosexuals do to each other. How can I put this? - faecal related activitiy should be kept in the home, not encouraged and allowed in a watery public place.

Anonymous said...

"its about homosexuals" Yes thats very right! However "find other naked men exciting" well being homosexual what would you honnestly expect? I doubt these men would be having sexual activity in the pool, im sure the lifeguards might have something to say about this.

"a public pool paid for with council rates" sorry are you saying that gay men are not part of the public that pay council tax?

"Its well known what happens in private homosexual saunas" Erm this is not a private gay sauna, im sure if they wanted to go to such a place they would find one in cholton or manchester that catter to the needs a lot better with complimenty services.

"like the ancient Greeks did" ok why go into history when you clearly do not understand it....the ancient greeks are very well known for there homosexuality, just because it was a long time ago dont think it didnt happen, homosexuality didnt spring up in the 70's

"hygiene issues considering the biological facts of what homosexuals do to each other. How can I put this? - faecal related activitiy" possibly the word your looking for is sodemy? and to put it honestly...have u experianced anal activity so messy because as a gay man i havent.

Levenshulme baths have allways been known as a dirty place. On many occasions in the past I have seen couples of a hetrosexual nature playing in the pool that shouldnt be aloud! What makes you think that anyother person would want to swim in some womans vaginal discharge? or for that matter some homophobics urine?

The hygiene issue you talk of...what hygiene issue? do u think a little speedo short is going to stop a pool geting contaminated?

Ive yet to see these mothers or anonymous homophobics offer better use's for the pool that bring some sort of income or meaning for the building.

The people in charge would clearly not allow it to happen if there was an issue with helth and saftey, so it is clear to see there is none! all it offers is a safe place for nudist homosexual men to express themselfs in an a situation that they cannot have a finger pointed at them. However homophobes have yet again tried to find one with there whip up of lies.

Good luck Levenshulme Baths.
A teenage, homosexual, levenshulme resident!

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