Monday, 28 April 2008

Sting Operation Leads to Public Sex Arrests

I'm always horrified to hear of sting arrests - the idea that you con people into committing an offence always strikes me as perverse. Anyway, over in Kansas in the States a series of arrests took place last week and are now being reported in the media. You can view a video of the news item and read about it by following the link at the bottom.

Seven people were arrested during a five hour span at Chisholm Creek Park near 29th and Oliver following one complaint. Yes, the Police spent five hours hanging around a public space, luring men into seeking a sexual encounter. Wise use of resources? You decide.

According KSN news those arrested were all men, most over 40 years old, on counts of sexual battery, lewd and lascivious behavior, and soliciting for immoral purposes.

The same day (yes, resources to spare in Kansas) an adult cinema was also targeted.

I've had a quick look at some of the cruising bulletin boards and sure enough all locations are now filled with warnings but little by way or reaction yet.

All these tactics result in is a temporary displacement of the activity and create greater danger for the cruising community. Focusing on the presence of condoms and lube merely results in men being less likely to carry then, dramatically increasing the rate of STD infection. Targeting commercial venues sucha s adult cinemas (don't think many "innocents" who need protecting from sex would be walking into them do you?) merely pushes sex into other public sex venues so at the moment Kansas (like many places) has a lose - lose situation. Nice one guys.

Read the story/view the video at:

Anyone wanting to look at my own research on this should take a look at:

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