Saturday, 31 May 2008

Montreal Update

Wouldn't you know it? The first time I have some free time at this conference and the sky opens, thunder and lightning and rain, lots and lots of rain. So here I am watching the Obama/Clinton DNC decision on CNN and taking the opportunity to update this blog before getting back to the conference. So far the conference has been really interesting and my panel this morning on sex work went really well though the audience could have been larger. As ever I felt so sick this morning as I prepared but it went OK. I could have been much better but as I ever I got a lot out of it and met some really great people. There was a fascinating panel yesterday on taxing and partnerships. It considered the issue of the Defence of marriage Act and issues of taxation. It gave me a fresh perspective on partnership rights and I'll certainly incorporate those ideas into my teaching next year. The other panel worthy of note. Dean Spade (who keeps a great blog) delivered a typically brilliant paper exploring gender in the bathrooms context. He did also offer some perspectives of prisons that I utterly disagreed with but that's off point. There was another paper that looked at bathrooms as forms of power and whilst flawed I found fascinating and I really look forward to seeing the final paper. Finally, there was a paper looking at public sex. The author had a new angle looking at intimacy that I thought was terrific and got me thinking about the online element (my own research) and how that might foster new intimacies in sex work.

Random thought - North American adverts - so strange - just had one proposing clean coal as a solution to global warming (yey, bun more fossil fuel) followed by one on a drug with the warning "If you have erections lasting more than four hours you should consult your doctor". Well know we Sorry, rant over.

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