Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Politics Update - London

It's been an eventful few days in politics. The virtual collapse of the UK Government following the local elections last week will inevitably throw the focus on the Conservative Party. I was watching the Cameron monthly press conference live on Sky yesterday morning and he set out that one of his key areas of policy focus would be the family. It will be interesting to see how that area develops and what interpretation Tory party members put on it.

Of course the main man of the moment is the new mayor of London - Boris Johnson. American readers might be familiar with his from a recent piece in the New Yorker. The commentators are already saying the Tories will be seeking to demonstrate how they can govern via the London job. It will therefore be interesting to see how LGBT groups do under his Leadership - will funding be cut (as feared by some) for example. Certainly one to watch and to see the rationale behind reform.

Below you can see the first formal speech by Boris the day after election (sadly they cut off his stumble onto the stage at the start) and below that clips from his chairmanship of Have I Got News for You. The UK TV show that made him a household name.

The odd thing is his acceptance speech is actually funnier than the entertainment show clip. That said, I actually think a lot of the negativity hurled at Boris during the campaign by LGBT groups was the result of heavy left wing bias and I hope the LGBT community will judge him by what he does.

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