Saturday, 7 June 2008

Public Sex in the North East

I've just been looking at the April/May issue of the magazine Out North East (yes better late than never) and they have a story about public sex environments (cruising grounds etc). The story is entitled ' Cruising: An Alert from MESMAC North East' and amounts to a "don't do it folks" message which is somewhat less than helpful. In the piece, it asserts: 'All of the region’s public sex environments or cruising sites (as these places are known) are monitored by different agencies including the police.' Really? ALL of them? How do you know? All well known venues perhaps but 'all' seems a little strong and I suspect inaccurate. Although the law is accurately stated the message is the wrong one. Scaring people away from PSE'S with an item focusing on the police and STD's is shockingly backwards from such a progressive group that does such otherwise good work. Having spoken to MESMAC last year on PSE's I feel something of a personal failure in this regard as I clearly failed to develop any understanding of this issue.

Scare tactics will not deter men from an activity they have been engaging in as long as time. Far better to focus upon harm reduction strategies as utilised in the field of sex work. Come on folks, get it together.

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