Saturday, 5 July 2008

Daughter for Beatie

The Guardian reports today on the truly remarkable story of Thomas Beatie who has now given birth to a baby girl. The Guardian draws attention to previous media headlines, notably that of the Daily Star: "Bloke: I'm having a baby!". The Guardian ends with: 'expect to see father and baby pictures spread across a glossy magazine on your newsstand some time soon.' Whilst I'm torn on the issue of whether that is a good or bad thing for the child I think that in these initial weeks and months it probably is for it will help create a climate of 'normalcy' longer term which the child will benefit from. If on the other hand the media becomes an ever present force, at birthdays and so, then I think that will be a bad thing. Ultimately, it's up to Beatie and his wife. There are some interesting comments attached to The Advocate announcement on this story. I have little doubt that Beatie and the photograph on the right of this post will become one of the defining images of changes attitude to gender and sexuality and a defining image of the twenty first century.

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