Monday, 7 July 2008

Facebook & the Civil Partnership

The Guardian is carrying a story today about Facebook and the lack of a Civil Partnership relationship category. I have to confess I am in that tiny section of society that has so far resisted Facebook but many people have joined the Facebook monster and are now, according to the Guardian, on the rampage as there is no option for 'Civil Partnership', despite marriage existing as an option and even 'open relationship. Even Government minister Ben Bradshaw has waded in, joining a campaign to change Facebook. Given that Civil Partnership and Marriage hold ever evolving definitions globally you do wonder whether Facebook will need an explanation as to what it means in each jurisdiction - OK I'm just stirring now...

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Sean Hennelly said...

Just to add insult to injury you may notice that when you select 'Married', or 'In a Relationship' etc on Facebook it gives you the option of selecting the person with whom you have that relationship. However, with regards the 'In a Relationship' part it doesn't let you select more than one person. It seems that in more than one sense Facebook is falling behind. It is brilliant though!

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