Saturday, 20 September 2008

Welcome 2008/9 Academic Year: Introduction to the Blog

Hello to those students viewing the blog for the first time. This will support LAW326 throughout the year with news, comment and rich media. Above the Law & Sexuality banner, in the top left, you will see the search box. You can search the blog for any particular issue - e.g "marriage". On the left hand side of the blog you will see the posts in chronological order (newest at the top). You can comment on any post (and are encouraged to do so) just by clicking the '0 comments' link at the bottom of each post. All comments are moderated to prevent spam and defamatory remarks but beyond that will be uncensored.

On the right hand side of the blog you will note a poll that will change through the course, a Flickr link which will show you photographs from previous field trips, a twitter link which will be sued when I'm at conferences, a blog archive where you can view all previous posts, a Pink News RSS feed that is updated as the site is. A series of links can also be found here - please note some of the material is of a mature nature. If any of the links are broken or there is a link you want adding let me know.

In the blog archive you will find various videos and materials that will support the course and field trips.

Finally, when you feel the need for a little break you will find Pacman at the bottom of the screen on the right.

The blog is updated regularly and you are urged to check back frequently and contribute via the comments section.


Workshops start in week 11 (Thursday 9 October) at 10am in RV312a. The Manchester field trip will take place Thursday 13 November-Friday 14 November and San Francisco will take place in the February Reading Week (14-22 Feb). Both are subject to sufficient numbers wanting to go. I should have cost details for both trips in the first workshop but Manchester should be around £60 and San Francisco around £800.

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