Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Embryology Bill Controversy

The media is working itself into a mild frenzy (and by American standards on this issue, a comatose state) over the Embryology Bill. Pink News reported last week that whilst the focus is on abortion the Bill does remove the requirement for doctors to consider the need for a father when assessing women for fertility treatments. Today, the Guardian carries a piece detailing how Harriet Harman has now intervened to stop MPs voting on liberalising abortion laws - a move that offered the opportunity to transform the law in relation to Northern Ireland. Whatever side of the issue you are on this surely seems undemocratic and ill-judged. That said, Harman is a well known pro-choice figure and this seems more about getting the bill through than her own personal wishes. All of these is largely being overshadowed by the allegations first made in The Times overnight relating to George Osborne (the Tory Shadow Chancellor) and which dominated the news this morning (the BBC Today programme carried an interesting bit than be listened to here). That may help a more liberal focus on the Embryology Bill as there won't be the same media hoo-ha.

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