Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Knife Attack in Toilets

Another story in Pink News; they report today that the trial has begun of a man who allegedly stabbed and killed a gay man in a Surrey Public Toilet. Whilst it's unclear as to whether the victim was cottaging, the Police have said the toilets are a well known cruising site and the defendant alleges that the deceased made a sexual advance. I've just taken a look at one cruising website for the toilets in question the and they remain very much in operation with a lot of sexual activity apparently continuing to take place and little concern about further attacks. One cruiser complained yesterday posting: 'Just returned from Walton. Some old tosser was standing with his trousers down, his shirt wide open right in the middle of the toilets wanking. Its idiots like these that will close this place down again. Anybody could have walked in, its half term, need I say more. Incidentally the window in the 2nd cubicle is missing - great if you want to watch from outside!'

This is also further evidence of the self policing that takes place within the cruising 'community' which is always going to be more effective than the outside interference of law enforcement agencies.

Here we have an out gay man with a partner apparently cruising in public place. When will we learn that public sex is part of our society and will continue to be irrespective of the number of bars, clubs and other 'mainstream' space we create.

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Sean Hennelly said...

The police cannot seem to grasp that such activity does not occur in the 'public space'. Apart from the odd 'old tosser' such as is mentioned in the post, I doubt very much that an outsider would even be aware of sexual activity taking/having taken place. To draw upon what you said in a previous post Chris: 'it's only sex'....

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