Monday, 24 November 2008

Castro Christian Protests

I've just been working through the links on this blog (something I don't do nearly enough) and I was struck by a story on the Elventh Avenue South blog. A post from last week drew attention to protests between what seem to be largely gay men and a Christian group. It's also worth reading this post to get a view of the Christian rally that ultimately led to this protest. Whilst I do think the "right answer" is to be tolerant of this intolerance I also have a pang of pride that these members of the Castro community have stood up so proudly to this attack. You can view video of the clash below:

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Sarah said...

Good on them for putting up a fight. It seems to me that both sides are really proud for being who they are , but a Christian group going into Castro imposing their views, wanting to lead them "from the dark into the Light" are doing exactly what the the xtians say the gay men are doing, imposing their sexuality on the world. Isn't this slightly tit for tat?. Just let each other be who they want to be.

Sean Hennelly said...

It goes further than hypocrisy (although I think you make a good point Sarah)- the gay community doesn't march against the idea of opposite sex relationships. Essentially these are small minded people that cannot live and let live, which I find quite saddening.

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