Tuesday, 18 November 2008

San Francisco Field Trip: 90 Days to Go!

Well as some of you may have noticed, over the last week I installed a countdown for the San Francisco field trip. Between then and now I'll be posting a variety of video, links and text materials in preparation for that trip. Any non-students reading this blog are very welcome to comment or email me with their suggestions for links, video etc.

So we kick off with two videos. One from 1979 and the eighth "Gay Freedom Day Parade And Celebration". The parade, politics and Milk fallout are shown.

The second video brings us a little more up to date with this from a pride attendee at the 2008 Pride back in June. One of the great things about YouTube is the vast number of individual memories of Pride that can be found there. This video takes in a variety of locations and the music captures the mood pretty well so I opted for this one. I find the final 'thrive' balloon message rather powerful.

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