Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sexualities: New Content

A new issue of Sexualities is available online:
1 December 2008; Vol. 11, No. 6
The below Table of Contents is available online at:
Call for Papers: Sexuality and Religion/Spirituality
Sexualities 2008;11 658
Editorial Introduction: Recognizing and Celebrating Same-Sex Relationships: Beyond the Normative Debate
Elizabeth Peel and Rosie Harding
Sexualities 2008;11 659-666
Legal Struggles and Political Resistance: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and the USA
Nancy Nicol and Miriam Smith
Sexualities 2008;11 667-687
The PACS and (Post-)Queer Citizenship in Contemporary Republican France
Cristina Johnston
Sexualities 2008;11 688-705
State Austerity and the Racial Politics of Same-Sex Marriage in the US
Priya Kandaswamy
Sexualities 2008;11 706-725
Possibilities Foreclosed: The Civil Union Act and Lesbian and Gay Identity in Southern Africa
Elsje Bonthuys
Sexualities 2008;11 726-739
Recognizing (and Resisting) Regulation: Attitudes to the Introduction of Civil Partnership
Rosie Harding
Sexualities 2008;11 740-760
'Can I Be Bridesmaid?' Combining the Personal and Political in Same-Sex Weddings
Carol Smart
Sexualities 2008;11 761-776
Location, Location, Location: Same-Sex Marriage as a Moving Target
Ellen Lewin
Sexualities 2008;11 777-781
Old Wine in New (Champagne) Bottles?
Sarah Oerton
Sexualities 2008;11 782-786
Regulation, Resistance, Recognition
Jeffrey Weeks
Sexualities 2008;11 787-792

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