Monday, 14 September 2009

Pre-Module Filmography

If you’re starting LAW326 or LAWM28 in 2009/10 and you are particularly enthusiastic, you might want to spend the final few weeks of the summer break taking a look at these films/TV shows. I’ve put them in order of use for the module, and it’s a pretty easy way to familiarise yourself with some of the socio-legal themes we will explore on the modules:

Angels in America (TV show of a play – 6hrs). This gives a good overview of issues and is is great for exploring identity and power.

Queer as Folk UK (two series, only need series 1) Landmark 90s drama set in Manchester which amongst its various achievements, mainstreamed awareness of the word 'rimming' (watch episode 1). All episodes available for free via 4 On Demand. Click here. You should watch this series before the Manchester Field Trip.

Milk (film) Dramatisation of the life of Harvey Milk. You should watch this film before the San Francisco Field Trip (LAW326 only).

The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (film). This is a documentary but worth a watch before the SF field trip.

Irina Palm (film) Addresses sex work.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (film) (pictured right) Explores trans and identity issues in a musical.

The Laramie Project (film) Drama of a real life project followign the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Victim (film) Classic film exploring blackmail in 50s Britain.

The Children’s Hour (film) One of the first films to explore lesbianism and prejudice.

Rick and Steve (TV – two series) (bottom picture) Series 2 currently showing on E4. Animated comedy take on modern gay life.

Brokeback Mountain. Surely no introduction needed? Gay cow boys.

The L Word (ongoing –several series to date, dip into) Kind of a lesbian 'Queer as Folk'.

Queer as Folk USA (5 series) (top picture) US version of UK series. Worth dipping into.

Channel 4 has released lots of interesting and useful documentaries on 4OD. Take a look here.

If you’ve worked through all these and would like further suggestions, give me a shout. If you think there's something that should be recommended, and I've missed it off, just click the 'comment' link below and add your suggestion. There's a slight delay in comments appearing as they are all moderated.

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