Sunday, 18 October 2009

Coming up this week...

Note the spelling, don't get too excited! In Gender Sexuality and Law this week we're going to be looking at queer approaches to gay 'marriage', deconstructing the rights based development of law and policy in this area and looking at the legislative and case law developments in the USA around DOMA and Proposition 8 as well as contrasting with the Civil Partnership Act.

Law and Sexuality will be looking at queer space, linking back to the theory I introduced last week and examining specific queer spaces - at a community level in terms of San Francisco/Manchester, a queering of public space - cottaging/cruising/dogging and commercial sex space - bathhouses/saunas/bookstores etc. We'll head into the gentleman's toilet and explore one academics take on silent behaviour amongst men in the toilets. We'll also be exploring an outdoor cruising area via Google Earth. What more could you want? See you all Monday/Thursday.

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