Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dogging: A Love Story

When I was recently filming the Sunderland law TV ad, some of the crew mentioned a film was in production about dogging. Some had been involved in it (the film, not the practice - although I didn't seek clarification) and now the film is on its way. The official website can be viewed here and I've embedded the US trailer below. I have shared the UK trailer via my Facebook page for 'friends' on there. My students and fellow north eastern peeps should take a good look. See anything familiar? Yep, it's set in the north east and uses actual dogging spots - you might recognise one from a regional icon in the background.

Regular readers of the blog will already know that public sex is my main area of research so I'm thrilled to see a film like this come out. I was disappointed, if not surprised to have heard how difficult the team behind Dogging: A Love Story had found the making of the film. Cities that didn't want the film involved, the challenges of filming in dogging locations - with the Police appearing for example. The plot is described as:

'A sharp observation on the perils, pitfalls and wrong turns of romance in the 21st century. Aspiring journalist Dan expected so much more after graduation... but with no leads, little motivation and a girlfriend who would rather cosy up to her boss in the office, it's not exactly as he planned. In a bid to get his life back on track and coerced by his womanizing flatmate, Dan is introduced to the al fresco sex scene that is DOGGING. Encountering an array of weird and wonderful characters looking for their dubious highs, it soon becomes clear that the scene is ripe for an expose. Dropping his inhibitions in the name of research, Dan becomes a reluctant pawn on the car park circuit, where he meets Laura and the totally unexpected happens.'

I'm also really pleased to see Luke Treadaway in the leading role fo Dan - he stole the show for me in the drama Clapham Junction. The film is also on Facebook and I urge you to lend your support! It's in UK cinemas from 28 December.

Anyone wanting a detailed academic account on Public Sex and the Law should look out for my book of that name available in the Autumn of next year published by Routledge-Cavendish. More info/purchasing here.

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