Tuesday, 20 October 2009

PCC Daily Mail Investigation

Wow, well further to my boo the other day and original report about the Daily Mail story, this thing with Stephen Gately has certainly not gone away. The web is alive with polls for this or that relating to the story. The that most amused me was on Facebook and was calling on the Daily Mail to not publish homophobic articles - would it not thin the paper out somewhat? Now, the Press Complaints Commission are slaying they will ask the Daily Mail to respond to the 21,000 complaints they have so far received - the most ever made about a single article. It does seem a weak response but it's the first step of a process and we shall have to wait to see what happens. There's also the separate issue of the Police exploring the possibility of investigating.

When Gately came out, it was the result of a negotiated deal so that a red-top didn't 'out him'. It marked a shift to the media being supportive of someone coming out rather than it being a scandal. His death marks another shift, when the web acts as a powerful tool in bringing people together so as to enforce laws and regulations against those who would spread hate.

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Sean Hennelly said...

It was shocking though how they reported Gately's unfortunate demise. I wonder what the response would have been if say somebody from an ethnic minority had died and the paper associated the death with "that lifestyle" or whatever. It would cause outrage, and rightly so. It's refreshing that so many complaints went in about the Daily Mail article, but depressing also that it didn't cause as much of a stir as it might have if it was another minority issue.

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