Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sexualities: Teaching and Researching Sexualities

I always post the article contents of Sexualities once released, but the latest issue looks particularly fascinating – focusing on the teaching and researching of sexuality. The articles address some of the questions I (like other academics) have asked myself over the last couple of years. My students, past and present will be in a better position to comment whether I’ve always got the balance right!

Students are reminded that they have access to Sexualities as a hard copy in St Peter’s library and electronically via Athens.

Feona Attwood and I.Q. Hunter
Not Safe for Work? Teaching and Researching the Sexually Explicit
Sexualities 2009 12: 547-557.

Brian McNair
Teaching Porn
Sexualities 2009 12: 558-567.

Clarissa Smith
Pleasure and Distance: Exploring Sexual Cultures in the Classroom
Sexualities 2009 12: 568-585.

Susanna Paasonen
Healthy Sex and Pop Porn: Pornography, Feminism and the Finnish Context
Sexualities 2009 12: 586-604.

Katrien Jacobs
Sex Scandal Science in Hong Kong
Sexualities 2009 12: 605-612.

Steve Jones and Sharif Mowlabocus
Hard Times and Rough Rides: The Legal and Ethical Impossibilities of Researching ‘Shock’ Pornographies
Sexualities 2009 12: 613-628.

Alan McKee
Social Scientists Don’t Say ‘Titwank’
Sexualities 2009 12: 629-646.

Kath Albury
Reading Porn Reparatively
Sexualities 2009 12: 647-653.

Dennis D. Waskul
‘My Boyfriend Loves it when I Come Home from this Class’: Pedagogy, Titillation, and New Media Technologies
Sexualities 2009 12: 654-661.

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