Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tories, Europe and Trouble on Canal Street

Apologies - another post about the Tories! Earlier in the week I blogged about the Tory Pride event tonight. Ben Summerskill, head honcho at Stonewall was supposed to be appearing alongside Tory blogger Iain Dale but has now pulled out. So far, no word from Dale on his popular blog about this story but I suspect he'll say something later/tomorrow on this and the event in general so you might want to take a look here a bit later on.

Channel 4 ran the story with a fair bit of detail. Summerskill has apparently pulled out because of the presence today at the Tory conference of the new MEP allies from Poland and Latvia. Now, I consider the new Tory grouping a barmy decision and a coalition with some rather unpleasant guys but this whole story has the smack of a Labour stunt about it. Stephen Fry has added his name to a open letter from Labour MEP Michael Cashman and others to Cameron condemning the alliance. Sure, unpleasant guys, but it was known publicly last week that these MEP's would be showing up so why did Summerskill announce it at the last minute tonight? I've previously criticised Stonewall as being too close to Labour - you're really not helping your defence guys! Far better to have shown up, criticised the group to the Tories there on Canal Street tonight and who might have paid attention. Fat chance now.

After the show Fry tweeted: 'I just want it known that when I put that shirt on this morning I had no idea I'd be on C4 News 5 hours later.Was I too nice about Tories?'

You can watch Summerskill on Channel 4 news here and watch the interview with Stephen Fry here.

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