Friday, 11 December 2009

Was it a Wedding cake?

I was just doing a bit of channel hoping and caught the 'and finally' item on ITV news. The report was about a giant 'Wedding' cake in Scotland. There were constant references to 'wedding' day nerves, getting 'married' and so on only we discovered it was a same sex couple who as we all know, can NOT legally get married in the UK. They will not be having a wedding. They will be having a Civil Partnership Ceremony were they enter into a Civil Partnership. The academic distinction between the two is perhaps ever more academic thanks the growing number of people in the media, and amongst the wider public who talk about getting 'married' in the context of Civil partnerships. Rather than highlight that Civil Partnerships are something different, this cultural trend draws civil partnerships further into a heteronormative framework. It seems only a matter of time before the term 'Civil Partnership' is just an odd phrase that appears on some 'marriage' documents.

BTW- I can't link to the story as ITN and ITV news don't have the story on their websites. If anyone finds it, please add the link as a comment! Thanks.

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