Thursday, 14 January 2010

Calling All US Law Students

Sign on to the National LGBT Bar Association's amicus brief in Christian Legal Society Chapter v. Martinez!

In 2004, the Christian Legal Society’s chapter at the University of California Hastings filed a lawsuit after the school denied a funding request because of the group’s anti-LGBT discrimination policy. The question before the Court now is whether the “Constitution allows a state law school to deny recognition to a religious student organization because the group requires its officers and voting members to agree with its core religious viewpoints.”

Amicus Brief Opportunity:
The National LGBT Bar Association stands firmly behind UC Hastings’ decision to not fund a student group that openly discriminates against its LGBT students and will be filing an amicus brief (currently being drafted) with the court defending the University and their anti-discrimination policy. As the voice of the LGBT legal community, the LGBT bar is committed to promoting inclusion and fighting bigotry at our nation’s law schools.

If your LGBT law student group or student bar association would be interested in signing on to our amicus brief, please email us at no later than January 29, 2010. We hope you will join us for this historic opportunity.

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