Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cameras in Court

As I've previously blogged, one aspect of the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial that has caught the attention of bloggers, activists and media types alike is the presence of cameras in the court room and the last minute intervention by the US Supreme Court to ban the uploading of those videos as planned on to YouTube. I think we should hear more from the US Supreme Court today so keep watching Twitter later on tonight (UK readers). For those looking in on the UK, my criticism of the lack of video streaming may seem like someone living in a glasshouse throwing stones. Cameras are not allowed in English courts (although the new Supreme Court has taken progressive steps on this) but just as with the Perry case, this is increasingly appearing anachronistic. I'm therefore really pleased to see Sky News have started a campaign to allow cameras in English courts. They say on their website that:

'A petition will be started after the General Election, following the successful campaign for leaders' debates, the head of Sky News said.

In a speech to the Cambridge Union Society, John Ryley said: "There remains one more branch of our democratic system which broadcasting has still not properly penetrated - the courts.
"If the legislature is to be subject to far greater scrutiny so too must the judiciary, so the public can fairly judge the balance of responsibility between them.'

Read the full story here.

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