Sunday, 31 January 2010

Northern Pride: What's Going On?

I just took a look at the Northern Pride website where an interesting post has appeared. Northern Pride is essentially Newcastle Pride (with some attempt at pulling in the surrounding area). The notice says:

'dpr no longer supports northernpride because of what dpr feels is bad work practices towards its volunteers.

dpr regrets any inconvenience caused to the general public for the closure of this site.
Legal Notice:

A Legal letter has now been drafted and posted to Northern Pride Events Limited forbidding use of the circle and star logo which is the copyright owner of dpr.

If you are using the logo on Facebook or then you should withdraw from using it immediately.

Microsoft, owners of Facebook have also been sent a copy of this letter.

Friday 29th January 2010'

So what on earth is going on? A couple of days earlier on Northern Prides Facebook page, someone wrote:

'Does anyone know what is going on with Northern Pride? I ask as I have emailed the committee and heard nothing at all!It seems that not olny are the meetings no longer being advertised to their own comittee, and requests for details are seemingly being ignored, now it seems the web site is closed.Oh, would it also be p...osible to finally get the accounts out?In general WHAT IS GOING ON!'

The response from Northern pride was:

'Hi Mitch, unfortunately we're having some trouble with the website which means we can't email at the mo.Planning for 2010 is underway and there's a pretty ambitious budget, anyone out there who'd like to help us approach funders/sponsors then get in touch!'

No kidding guys! Hopefully these are just blips (lets not forget the issues Manchester Pride- then Mardi Grads - has a few years back-blips happen) and things will get back on track but the organisation needs to at least sort it's website and clearly explain what is going on. It does look like theya re currently facing some major problems. Incidentally, the FB page for Northern Pride is still using the logo so we'll have to see how things unfold.

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