Friday, 8 January 2010

Prop 8 Legal Challenge WILL be televised (sort of)

Well Proposition will be televised. 3 stationary cameras will be in the court room and will be available for public view the following day on YouTube. The courts YouTube page can be viewed here.

This will be instead of a live feed on the Court's website which I think is a shame. Quite a few appear to be complaining that this means only the already committed will look at these videos. I think that's fair comment in the short term but in the long term, having them on YouTube will boost the likelihood of viral web transmission, and others encountering the material during searches (not least law students). For me, it shouldn't have been an 'either or' debate. I would have liked to have seen live transmissions on the court website to help deliver immediacy for those who can't physically be in the court room (and overflow room). It would also have delivered genuine transparency. These should then have been additionally uploaded to YouTube. Ahh well, at least we will get to see it but given the time delay and the time difference, it will probably be Wednesday when UK viewers get to grips with the case which kicks off on Monday.

Readers can get some idea of what it will look like thanks to the test transmission which I have embedded below.

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