Monday, 8 February 2010

When Playing with Balls Just Isn't Enough

If Mrs Smith working as the Asda/Wal-Mart meeter/greeter was caught having an affair with the neighbours husband would we care? Would we even know? I don't think so. We certainly wouldn't sack Mrs Smith for fear she might damage the supermarket brand. With the exception of her neighbours wife (and perhaps related family) we could assume that her meeting and greeting skills would be just as valid as before. Her trustworthiness in drawing to our attention the bargain of the week would be just as (un)trusted as before although any condom promotions might bring an additional smile to our faces. Yet, the same is not true of being England Captain. Clearly, in order to kick a ball around the pitch we must know that you're not knocking off another players wife. Yes, the John Terry story has got me mystified (and that's the closest I'll get to talking about football).

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penwing said...

and here's me talking about football... eek...

I don't think your analogy is particularly helpful here. If Mrs Smith were the team leader/supervisor and had an affair with the partner of one of her team members then there is a strong potential for disharmony/distrust and future problems. However, if we stick with the ASDA idea, it may be possible to move/change the shift patterns of one or both so they maintained their previous levels.

There is no alternative team Terry can captain for at this level, there is no alterntive team Bridges(?) can play for at this level therefore moving is not possible.

So this brings new questions:
1) Did Bridges/the team know already?
2) Was/is Bridges happy to continue playing under Terry as captain?
3) Do the other teammates have the confidence that Terry will be impartial in dealing with other disputes that come up involving them/Bridges?

I'm not convinced that this was a moral crusade about his affair.

Of course this could all be bunk I don't understand the dynamics of team sports or what the power relationships and duties are like.

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Law & Sexuality said...

Yes - I freely cave in on the team harmony point (see - this is why I don't talk about football! lol). However, I'm really not convinced that's the reason for this decision - I do think the moral crusade element played an important role here.

You pose three v.good questions!

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