Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cameron ditches his gay marriage 'contract' pledge?

David Cameron did an interview with the BBC PM programme earlier today with Eddie Mair. The interview should have been 25mins long but was cut short due to the Ash cloud impacting upon travel arrangements. The interview was very revealing. Take this exert which you can listen on the PM blog here.

EM: Is gay equality a fundamental human right?

DC: Yes

EM: So you'll support gay marriage?

DC: I think that civil partnerships get over the err disadvantage that gay people had of not being able to have the advantages that married couples have - that's why we support civil partnerships and for instance where we've said err let's have tax recognition for marriage, that also applies to civil partnerships

Yes folks - he ducked it. That doesn't sound like a guy "considering" gay marriage as he pledged to do in his 'contract' less than 24 hours earlier does it? It sounds like an argument to do exactly the opposite. It will be interesting to see if any other media picks up on this. I continue to be dismayed at Tory flip-flopping on this issue.

In the same interview, Cameron had no problem making it clear that he disagreed with Ken Clarke on a recent announcement regarding Northern Rock. This is despite Clarke being his Shadow Business Secretary and favoured by the City to reprise his role as Chancellor rather than appoint George Osborne. Cameron continues to be unable to condemn those close to him - including his Shadow Home Secretary int heir homophobic remarks so make of it what you will.

BTW - it's also worth listening out for the 'voluntary'/big society line of questioning.

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