Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Chris in Chicago: Queer theory, cyber-ethnographies and researching online sex environments

I'm off to Chicago next Tuesday (subject to nasty ash clouds) for the Law and Society Conference and I'll be presenting my work on queer theory/cyber ethnographies. I haven't got long to speak so I won't be bothering with PowerPoint slides so I'll have nothing to share with you -or so I thought! I've just discovered that the article that I'll be presenting an element of is currently free on the publisher website. You can download it in PDF or HTML format at this link. Any comments/feedback much appreciated. I'll be staying in downtown Chicago so if you're going to be in town too, give me a shout and we can grab a drink. I've pasted in the article abstract and keywords below.

Both the act and the commission of the act of sex have been transformed by technology. This has in turn led to emerging research that seeks to consider online research methods and methodologies that take account of the new medium, with a number of studies examining specific groups and the behaviour of those groups from a socio-legal perspective. This paper will seek to consider the application of queer theory to researching so-called 'virtual' or online sex groups. It will examine how the virtual spaces, and the researchers who survey them, are constituted. The ethical and practical issues that emerge in surveying these groups from a queer theory perspective will also be explored.

Keywords: queer; ethnography; research methods; Internet; sex

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