Thursday, 20 May 2010

Will you / your group lobby government about sexual rights?

Please see and action as appropriate the following notice from CAAN:

CAAN, which is a pressure group, is preparing to propose a different approach to sexuality rights and we need to ally with the correct expert groups to refer government to.

For example:

For LGBT matters we work with Peter Tatchell and welcome a representative org to come on board also.
For extreme pornography we refer to Backlash.
For sadomasochism we refer to Spanner Trust, SM Gays and SM Dykes.
For sex work we will refer to International Union of Sex Workers and English Collection of Prostitutes and academic Jo Phoenix.
For film and pornography we refer Anna Span and also have the support of performers Cristian Torrent, Buck Angel and Paul Stag.
For photography we work with Del LaGrace Volcano and Ben Westwood.
For censorship issues we would refer to Feminists Against Censorship and to information within Melon Farmers and Index on Censorship for background.

This list is not complete and there are other people behind the scenes also.

You get the idea?

Get in touch if you want to be involved!

If there is enough support from various groups we will look to see if it is possible to put together a broadly based white paper on the future of sex and sexuality in the UK.

In solidarity and for unity!

Clair Lewis (AKA Dennis Queen)
National convenor
Consenting Adult Action Network

Contact CAAN at

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