Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sexualities: Table of Contents

A new edition of Sexualities has now been published (1 June 2010; Vol. 13, No. 3). I've listed the articles below:

Drag Queens and Drag Kings: The Difference Gender Makes
Leila J. Rupp, Verta Taylor, and Eve Ilana Shapiro
Sexualities 2010;13 275-294

Nuns, Dykes, Drugs and Gendered Bodies: An Autoethnography of a Lesbian Feminist’s Journey Through ‘Good Time’ Sociology
Elizabeth Ettorre
Sexualities 2010;13 295-315

Remembering Foucault: Queer Theory and Disciplinary Power
Adam Isaiah Green
Sexualities 2010;13 316-337

The Construction, Maintenance, and Evolution of Gay SM Sexualities and Sexual Identities: A Preliminary Description of Gay SM Sexual Identity Practices
E.R. Chaline
Sexualities 2010;13 338-356

Sex, Postfeminist Popular Culture and the Pre-Teen Girl
Sue Jackson and Elizabeth Westrupp
Sexualities 2010;13 357-376

Sexual Ethics and Young Women’s Accounts of Heterosexual Casual Sex
Melanie A. Beres and PanteĆ” Farvid
Sexualities 2010;13 377-393

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