Monday, 19 July 2010

Female Ejaculation, 'Buttman' and the Obscenity Trial

Well, that title got your attention didn't it? Just think of those lucky lucky lucky lucky jurors in a DC obscenity trial who found themselves watching porn of female ejaculation this week. You can read a description of what they viewed here. it even includes a bit of dialogue - my favourite bit is: “Have you seen a girl squirt before?” Again, no. One thing leads to another. “I want to use you as target practice,”. I'm still chuckling as I type. Porn makers - why do you inflict such bad dialogue on us? I think it was taken from the film Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice, one of the films at the heart of the trial.

Anyway, back to this trial. The Washington Post reported on the collapse of the trial writing: 'A federal judge dismissed the first obscenity prosecution brought in the nation's capital in a quarter-century on technical grounds Friday, tossing out charges against John A. Stagliano'. Stagliano also curiously goes by the nickname 'Buttman'. I spoil you with the details, I really do. Check out the full Washington post report here.

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