Thursday, 1 July 2010

Law Commission Review and Your Freedom

I previously mentioned the Law Commission proposals around outraging public decency. You can now view my response to the Law Commission below. Of course, I would like to repeal all laws regarding public sex - that's not to say I think people openly bonking outside a school or in the high street is a good thing - I just don't think it's likely to happen and if it does it can be dealt with by other offences.

However, such radicalism is unlikely to be embraced by many. The response to the Law Commission is therefore an attempt to create 'better' law in the area of public sex and balance the concerns of the 'public' with the freedoms of other groups. We'll see if they take the comments on board.

The Government has also launched the Your Freedom website today which aims to sweep away un-necessary laws. I'm proposing the repeal of S71 of the Sexual offences Act 2003 and would love it for you to vote for the proposal and add comments in favour.

Again, this isn't perfect. The site is badly designed and slow (so maybe try tomorrow rather than tonight) and appears to have attracted the mad and the bad (you can decide which category I belong in) but this is an opportunity to make some sensible proposals that could well make it into the final bill. You can view my proposal/add your comments here. please encourage others to vote/comment.

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Sean Hennelly said...

You appear to have forgotten to add the link directly to your proposal on 'Your Freedom' :-)

Sean Hennelly said...

Just read the submission- very well put together. I think the intention element you highlight is very important, and more important still, taking into account all the circumstances (location, time of day etc).

Law & Sexuality said...

ooops - thanks Sean. Link now added. Votes needed (5 stars please) as it's bombing at the moment!

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