Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Yuvraj Joshi on Same-Sex Marriage

Yuvraj Joshi offers some interesting reflections on same-sex marriage in the Guardian. He explores, and wrestles with some of the conflicts and issues within the gay marriage debate that I find myself struggling with. On the one hand, he notes: 'it is difficult to see how a legal system that claims to take equality before the law seriously can deny marriage equality'; on the other, 'same-sex marriage may actually allow an ancient institution to progress into modern times'. it's a really thoughtful piece that also seeks to consider same-sex marriage within the wider context of debates about the nature of modern gay identity. he observes that 'the debate about same-sex marriage exists in a context where spaces for sexual experimentation are being replaced with more socially "respectable" forms of gay visibility'. Absolutely! This a theme in all my work whether it is considering public sex, male for male sex work or barebacking and I believe it is going to be the next 'big debate'.

Joshi wisely concludes that 'gay marriage is hardly the final frontier for gay politics, and may well prove an easier political victory than garnering support for broader sexual diversity'. Read the full piece here.

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Jae said...

It is an interesting article, and brings up some issues that are concerning. But most sensible marriage equality advocates (like Peter Tatchell and ME!) have their eyes firmly set on a wider goal, the privatisation of marriage to open it's benefits up to many different lifestyles.

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