Monday, 9 August 2010

Gaydar in Youth Drive

You've probably noticed my blogging is starting to drop off a bit. I'm desperately behind with a book and in order to avoid my publisher chopping my balls off I'm focusing my efforts on writing at the moment. That said, I wanted to share the latest move by the networking site (i.e hook-up site) Gaydar. became the definitive place to create an online gay identity and arrange a quick fuck but which seems to have been displaced in recent times by newer sites such as fitlads - particularly among young gay guys. Young gay guys inevitably pull in older gay guys and as more and more of Gaydar's features have vanished behind a pay wall in recent years, the site needs to keep pulling in people who will pay to spend hours of their life sitting online waiting for their dream slim smooth twinky guy to message for a quick fuck (...or so I imagine...). How, the guys at Gaydar must have thought, can we get them to keep giving us their money? Then someone had an idea - target the students- give them free membership!

And so it came to GaydarU, the site for students aged between 18 and 23 to join the site. Like student banking, thwe hope is no doubt that they will stick with the site when they graduate and cough up to access everything. In the meantime, the vultures will be re-incentivised to keep paying to circle.

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