Sunday, 1 August 2010

More from the Australian Sex Party

The Australian Labor Government looks to be in a bit of bother during this election campaign but the Australian Sex Party are getting some decent coverage. The Australian Sex Party's Fiona Patten will go up against Family First's Wendy Francis Monday, 2 August, 7.15am on Sunrise to take part in a debate about sexual and moral issues. Sunrise is 'Australia's Number One breakfast Show' so it should give both the ASP and these issues a bit more of a focus.

You can also now watch the ASP campaign launch for Western Australia in the video below. I love candidate Bret Treasure discussing seeing a campaign stand at a sex party and how that motivated him to get involved. As much as I admire the honesty, the trouble is lines like that scare off the general public and such is the vital importance of the issues ASP is campaigning on that they need to appear - as horrid as the term is - 'normal', and appeal to the similarly awful term 'everyday Australians'. Fiona Patten's pearl necklace (no not that sort!) is a prime example of cultivating a wholesome image. The depressing truth is they need to be as cynical as the other parties to make headway, or maybe I'm just too embittered? Shame the media are looking a bit thin on the ground at the campaign launch.

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